My 50 Dirty Little Secrets

1.i love pomegranate
2.i believe there is UFO ^^
3. i love music more than almost anything
4. i listen to soundtrack from movies and anime
5. i am an otaku
6. i don't believe in god like you do i got my own god and own beliefs
7. i sing every song even if i don't like it this much or i just whisper it (which is annoying when you speak to me on Skype)
8. im not asexual but i don't like sex with everyone
9.i love orange juice
10. i always tell people to eat or they wont be too healthy and i don't even do it myself
11. i cook
12. i play guitar and piano
13. im not gay
14. i love the band 30 second to mars and i think jared leto is smoking hot
15. i love metal
16. i would love to believe im a good person
17. i am always saying im fine even if im not so i don't have to explain why i am not fine
18. i love Asian girl more than any other ethnics ( don't know if that the word )
19. i love a girl (i love you baby ko )
20. i love pomegranate
21. i love black hair but i don't have some
22. when i dance i look like a retarded penguin with epilepsy
23. im flirty when im drunk
24. when i was a child i was a thief and i was stealing candy in shop but i got caught and i never steal anything else after
25. i would like to see myself as the bright hero but im more like the dark villain
26. i don't show mercy to people i hate
27. i protect what i love
28. i would step harm ways to protect someone i believe deserve to be save
29. i am a military at soul but a civilian at heart which made me not go in the army
30. i am french which explain my big lack of grammar in English
31. i don't really like when people speak to me for more than 10min for no reason
32. love me? prove it :P ( baby ko proved it more than once)
33. when the one i love cry i cry to
34. i can't stand seeing the one i love cry
35. i love old movies from 90s-00s
36. i don't believe the 21 December we will all die
37. i listen to more emo music than emo..
38. i dislike to see someone laughing and happy if im not i know its selfish
39. i would cook for you if you ask politely but not if you just come and tell me im hungry that just make me take my time
40. if you don't like what i am wearing well don't look at my cause i don't care
41. if i tell you i love you don't take it lightly cause i really do.. i would never lie about it and i expect the same from the other person next to me
42. if i hate you don't try to convince me you are not bad or anything .. cause i hate you that it so deal with it
43. if you ever want to take advantage of me you better be ready to fight for it cause i won't go down without a fight
44. sometime i cry .. when i am alone that don't make me weak ..
45. i think i am smart even if i act stupid 50% of the time
46. i don't like when someone tell me something but when i try to ask her/him why she/he just say nothing never mind
47. i love been questioned
48. i feel good every time someone remind me im smart
49.i got a high estime of intelligence as long as it don't come with narcissism
50. i don't think Ur physical attribute are important .. i believe that what make you beautiful is what you do and say .
Thompsons Thompsons
Dec 13, 2012