50 Things About Me

1. I don't admire myself very much
2. I freeze easily
3. I have never met Paul McCartney
4. I sleep a lot
5. I have a wild imagination
6. I don't play drums
7. I write a lot
8. I used to write a lot more
9. I'm tired of life, right now
10. I have a lot of respect for life
11. I am not seeking attention
12. I used to seek attention
13. I am weak
14. I read a lot
15. I walk a lot
16. I'm often very kind
17. I am humble
18. I am not always humble
19. I have read "The Paul McCartney-encyclopedia" lots of times
20. I didn't vote in the american election
21. I don't live in America
22. I think may is a very nice month
23. I get shy when you get to know me
24. I am good at pretending I'm not shy
25. I am often surprised
26. I wasn't born yet in 1970
27. I love "There's something about Mary"
28. I'm very well educated
29. I am useless, in many ways
30. I don't thin of other people as useless
31. I have been close to death
32. I am afraid of death
33. I watched "Live Aid" in 1985
34. I played football later that evening
35. I try to be serious
36. I am too serious
37. I seldom laugh
38. I am funny
39. I have always been funny
40. I like my computer
41. I wasn't addicted to computers in 2005
42. I didn't plan to write this list now
43. I'm going to the dentist every year
44. I don't want to be famous
45. I am unusual
46. I am not autistic
47. My parents are alive
48. I think "Rubber soul" is one of the best Beatles-records
49. I'm looking forward to spring
50. I seem happy

Clothed Clothed
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012