My 50 Insignificances.

1. I don't believe in names
2. Im vegeatrian
3. I'm a spiritual little butterfly
4. I help out when I can
5. I'm easily annoyed
6. I have strong opinions
7. I am working to not be like my father
8. I notice small things
9. I don't notice big things
10. I have never eaten meat
11. I never will
12. I'm nothing of importance
13. I love the natural world
14. I don't have a favourite political party
15. I think they're all bullshit anyway
16. I'm a CoD fanatic
17. I work a lot
18. I'm in a dysfunctional relationship
19. I have depression
20. I also have BDD.
21. I have suffered anorexia
22. I love stories
23. I love grunge metal
24. I also love RHCP
25. My pets are my inspiration
26. I love writing poetry
27. I was never good at anything at school
28. I dream on being old
29. I believe in never claiming intelligence
30. I wish I could change my circumstances
31. I'm very social online, but not so much in real life
32. I love egg rice
33. I ate a whole megadeath chilli for 50 bucks and had to get my stomach pumped
34. I hate being harassed at night
35. I desperately wish humans didn't exist
36. I think snakes are really cool
37. I've always wanted a hedgehog
38. I love double meanings
39. I'm a networking security specialist
40. I believe I've achieved a lot for a dropout.
41. I'd love to ride an elephant
42. I desperately need to see a chiropractor
43. I like the phrase "All up in my grill"
44. I'm running out of things
45. I'm not really very interesting
46. I can be pretty mean sometimes
47. I can also make mean jokes
48. My legs are ******
49. I'm an auntie
50. I'm always tired.
ThisIsMediocritiesOldAcc ThisIsMediocritiesOldAcc
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2013