1.I am currently obsessed with The fault in our stars.
2. and Marvel comics.
3. and Movies.
4. Like Avengers, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron man....
5.I also have an obsession about this song -> Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan.
6.I have an obsession with kittens/cats.
7.I have a fascination for voodoo dolls.
8.I love dresses but...
9.I hate wearing dresses.
10.I love Nature but...
11.I hate bugs.
12.My favourite food is pasta.
13.My favorite book right now is Wreak this journal.
14.I love Calvin Klein perfume
15.I like watching DIY videos.
16. I am thinking about getting a tattoo
17.I love to kill zombies in video games
18.every now & then I have a cry fest.
19.I watch a bunch of sad movies just to cry.
20.I don’t know how to drive a car.
21.I really like Disney.
22. i like to sing along.
23. like right now I have ''poor unfortunate souls'' from little mermaid stuck in my head.
24.I really can't wait for november 21.
25.So I can see hunger games part 3.
26.My wardrobe consists of black, white, gray, and a few splashes of color.
27. red and pink mostly.
28.I like to eat spicy.
29. I get cold really easily.
30.I am addicted to celebrity gossip.
31. and youtubers.
32. I like Tyler Oaklay , Matthew Lush and Nick laws.
33. Mostly I like gay youtubers.
34. but I also like Markiplier.
35. I love the video in number 36
37. Makes mv think of the time my sister and I liked the same guy.
38. that would make me the Queen fish.
39. And her tha catfish.
40. we didn't really fight like that but still...
41. we didn't die either.
42.Over the years I have developed an Obsession for Musicals.
43. like Mama mia,The Lion King,Wicked, Cinderella.
44. I have tickets for those, at...
45.Broadhurst Theatre, Minskoff Theatre,Gershwin Theatre and Broadway Theatre.
46. all in the same week.
47. On October 28, The lion king, at 7pm.
48.On October 29, Cinderella, at 2pm.
49.On October 29, Mamma Mia!, at 8pm.
50.On October 30,Wicked, at 8pm.
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you seem pretty cool :)

Thanks <3