My 51 Years.

Our lives have changed considerably over this time, you wonder if you knew what the future had in store for you would you have gone through with it all.
For me I wouldn't change a thing, not even the death of my Angel Son, I see it as God's Teaching and what my son's life was mapped out to be... his car accident has made my Grandies more aware of the road rules and their driving, which is a Blessing with all the accidents of the teens and young twenty-somethings now.
And, as I check-out the Wedding Photo of us cutting the wedding cake,(my aunt so lovingly made), you can see the difference of fashion now, although I don't think "ITS" out-dated !!!!
As far as husbands go, ( I don't wish to sound cheesy here). I never ever thought he would turn out as he has. He was soooo spoilt by his beloved mum, but over the last 6 years he has proved to me that he has been taking notice of how to, cook, clean etc. during the time of my two hip operations he ran the house, um better than me, I said that in a and his cooking is just one step behind me, but he can clean out the freezer better than me !!!
My daughter and son also the grandies say his pizza's are THE BEST, and now I have to add his veggie soup is up there too.
All in all I wouldn't change him for the world... thank you for 51 years of LOVE and Caring.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Thank you for a lovely story of a close loving family.It was heart warming.

I have to say WOW. I don't know how many wives would be that praising of their husbands. You have a real keeper there and I am so happy for you.