....4 Now

almost time for class........

counting minutes.....

-and then looking at mobile phone in class till we finish.....then till go home...hm.

amysangels amysangels
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12 Responses Mar 2, 2010

heh.. ah no violence..heh though i would throw a teddy bear or something on one of my lecturers heh

marji*shake head*<br />
bublina what r u throwing hehe

heeey, soemone's throwing planes? I used to throw wet sponge :D :D :D *throws spongeeeeeee*

:O<br />

yeah koyptakh..thanks :)

Hi amyAm<br />
Good idea. If faced with what you think will be a stressful situation you can control the event. By saying when it starts and finishes you are defining it and limiting. You are saying that is all I have to deal with and it is only for this period. That makes it more manageable. Well done for dealing with it so well.<br />

woo hoo *oops,wasnt me either hehe

**throws a paper aeroplane at Amy** Wasn't me, I swear ;)

haha i ll tell the fairies!

Whaaat??? Three bloody naughty students...! I'm giving you all lines. Write 100x: June1999 is the most beautiful woman on Earth!!!