This Is The Only Problem In My Life.

i will be glad if anyone can just help me to be debt free.this is the only problem i am having in my life.the day this problem is solve will be my must happiest day in my life and i will give thnks to the true God Jehovah for ever.

i use to work with a well known insurance co. before.i took some money from a client's money to solve some personal problems,i should not have done that,because it is bad in God' eyes and its not given to me for that purpose.i was even arrested for it last year,and then i was seven months pregnant.i slept in the cell for two nites,i am not sad bcos i have paid for what i did.i also pray to God to forgive me for bringing shame to his holy name.

i have been paying the money since last yr and the balance remaining is about 1,000 dollars [165,000 naira]God has been good to me,how i paid the money is a miracle.whenever i share the good news of God's kingdom with anyone i always tell them about the way God has helped me in this my office problem that i cause for myself.

if u help me,i will be grateful for ever.i will never forget u,no matter what.i can give u my head office address on line so u find out urself about what i just said.this scripture is for u.proverb 11:25.

thank u,
may the true God bless u.

77jw 77jw
36-40, F
Sep 7, 2012