1. my real name is Nigel Isidore
2. I am 34yrs old
3. I am an Aries 
4. I have fives brothers and one sister
5.I live on an island in the Caribbean
6. my first language in French Creole
7. I have a beautiful wife
8. I have no kids yet
9.I am of african decent but have light brown skin.
10. I am 6 feet two inches tall.
11. I weigh 192 pounds
12. I work in the public service in my country .
13. I love reading and learning new things
14. I was the first member of my family to pass maths with high grades.
15. I was one of the top performers in common entrance exams in my country.
16. I have never failed any subject while I was at school.
17. I have above Average intelligence iq of 125
18.I perfer to think and listen more than speak
19. I like to learn new things
20. I would do anything for the good of my family
21. I love meeting new people and leraning from them , thats why i like asking question.
22. my favoite pet was a dog name rambo which unfortunately died after ingesting poison.
23. my favorite colour is red
24. I never give up on my dreams and do what it takes to have them realized 
25. I am very discreet about how i spend my money.
26. music is one of my passion
27. I can  play 4 instruments for now hope to play some more
28. I have witten many songs but never release it to anyone.
29. I love reading non fictional books eg. science, history etc
30. my favorite sports are cricket, football, basketball and track and field.
31. my local country hero  is Sir William Arthur Lewis who was the first to win a Nobel prize for my country.
32. I was sick for two whole years when I i was 11yry old
33. I was born at my parents house.
34. I love nature
35. I love climbing mountains.
36.  I hate driving perfer to be driven.
37.  I favorite dish is salt fish and green figs(bananas)
38. I love taking pictures and recording vedios.
39. I love wearing simple clothes , however I love to wear the best.
40. I think I can live almost anywhere in the world.
41. one country I would really like to vist is Austrailia or New Zealand.
42. I love the ocean 
43. I almost drown ones.
44. I swimming and relaxing on the beach
45. my favorite fruit is mango, however there are many differnt varieties on in particular that I like is called the "Jolie"mango.
46. I perfer limes than limones.
47. Two of my favorite movies are Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy  and Rambo first blood staring sylvester Stallon
48. I like to exercise and keep in shape.
49. I hate to hear people say that losing weight is too hard to do. my motto is get off your lazy butt and get it done no excuse.
50. I genuinely love people and love to see them succeed.
51. I rejoice in other people successes  which actually is a motivation for me.
52.many people  trust me easily becuse of my personality
53. I am a member of the arm forces
54. I hate what watching depressing news
55. A lot of females think am cute
56. I hate to be late for any thing.
57. Love waking up before the sunrise and meditate 
58.I am a very patient person 
59. I believe in giving  people second chances or even third, forth etc it all depends and what you tring to achieve.
60. I will easily give up first place when in a queue to someone who thinks they are in a hurry.
61. I hate be caught up in traffic but I never get over  emotional  when that happens.
62. I am a  kind and generous person , however people sometimes take advantage of these qualities.
63. my wife and i have never had a fight or quarell for the five years with been married.
64. I got married in a botanical garden.
65. my annivarsary date is August 1st ( Emmancipation day in my country)
66.I donot own a vehicle, I walk most of the time.
67. I have survived two hurricanes.
68. I just got Chikungunya last month( everybody on the island seems to be getting it)
69.People tell me I look younger than my age.
70.I dislike pregudice or racist people but I still love them.
71. I believe that anyone can change for the better.
72. Being brought up on a island has  help me to develop survival skills.
73. I believe I never get lost no matter where I am.
74. I have been biten by a vicious dog before .
75. I love to capture worms snakes an put them in a jar.( the worm snake is the smallest snake in the world)
76. I have climb all the tallest peaks in my country and in record time.
77.I have a phobia that i will die in a vehicular accident thats one of the reasons why i don't like to drive or possess a vehicle.
78. I love good food
79. I dont drink alcohol, love my mind to be clear.
80. I like cooking sometimes to impress my wife
81. I love to go out to dinners with my wife and some friends occasionally.
82. I like bathing in the river.
83. I do not feel ashame or embarassed if  some see me   naked.
84. I am presently pursuing a degree in management studies.
84. I use to be a tour guide taking tourist on hikes
85. I know alot about flora and fauna .
86. My father is a farmer an use to rear sheep
87. My mother was a elementary school teacher
88. I hate arguing over petty matters
89. I think of the big picture.
90. I am an industrious person
91. I love people who can inspire you
92. I think there is aways a better way of doing certain things
93. I believe that any  positive changes  first starts  with me
94. I perfer to take risk than none at all
95. I donot fear change.
96. I forgive and forget
97. I believe in God and the bible contrary to others opinions.
98. I love to be around positive thinking people.
99. I strongly believe that whatever you do to other people you do to yourself.
100. Most of all I  love life and wish that love will continue to reign in the hearts of  all thoses wonderful people who has dedicted their life in making the world a better place.
Plantt33 Plantt33
36-40, M
Oct 7, 2014