I was born in October month of the year 1985. I am a very selfish girl by nature. I am still single, yes "still" means I am not happy being single. I feel God has given this life to share it with someone to make it more beautiful. I am very different than many other girls of my age in attitude and behavior. I think, expect and act on things very differently.
I love my Mom because she is the only one who loves me. I worked for 8 years in my life for a big brand. I have travelled places and I enjoy dancing, drinking and good conversation. I like to learn and improve.
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31-35, F
5 Responses Mar 28, 2014

Looks like someone will be 30 this autumn.

Ssssshhhhh slow.. I will change the year to 87

You are still a very young lady.


Hi Girl - what-ever u say girl, I am not here to judge, I think so does all the other friends on this site. If that is ur pic, u look very lovely dear. Please add me?

Yea thats me..thanks but I only add people who I know as in seen their pics or spoken over the phone ;)

Ok, I aggree dear - still have to post some pics, but haven't yet.
Pleas einbox me & I will explain?

You are definitely not alone in this, I was also born in October/85 and I feel exactly the same way, in fact every word you said could've been written by me!

Wow!! I would like to meet such people in real life.

you will find the right man and be happy it took a long time for me but i come with a lot of baggage and finding the right one was hard but you will soon be looking back on this day and laugh

thanks ;)