There are so many collectors on here it seems to me. People who are just after adding people, or looking at their pictures.

They are time wasters, or gamers, or whatever!

I won't add anyone unless they have a photo and have a good proportion of stories written against groups they've joined, because I feel why should I share if you doing want to?

I am going through my friends list and removing any with no stories or no photo.
Skjeggstad Skjeggstad
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I hope you look at my pictures and read my stories. I feel the same way.

You said it!

I can certainly empathize. I joined this site 2 weeks ago hoping to interact and discuss my main/only hobby being dance. I have posted some enlightening stories/experiences but have received zero response. I did some checking and the reason for this became obvious. All sorts of perverted guys discussing sexual arousal while wearing tights and whatnot. After seeing these I now understand the other dancers reluctance at discussion. Its a shame as outside the dance studio I have no friends/family or anybody that loves dance like I do. I got rare opportunity to perform in Vegas for 2 years and feel that I am a wealth of information.

What if a person has plenty of stories but doesn't want a picture of themself due to wanting to stay anonymous? :P

Will get you a photo if you would like. Have posted some stories and experiences. Got plenty of stories to tell, a lot of them are funny. Not everyone out there is so full of disappointments.

that's the mysterious thing, people with no experiences on the experience project
[well it's experiences and hobbies and interests]
this place is weak on profile and picture, and well that makes experiences and at least one or two comments a good minimum...
I wouldnt get too harsh though, because everyone is new here once!

I hope you are not removing me Asdis

I responded to you once before. We are both new to this site, I think we joined about the same time. So far I am really glad I found this site and have had very positive connections.
I was initially intrigued by your name. Is it Scandinavian? I am so curious about that part of the world. The culture, history, how beautiful it is there. People I have met from there are so nice, very honest and sincere. I like that. My pastor is from Finland and I once had a roommate from Iceland. So very interesting to listen about life there, differences from the States.
I am from North Carolina, raised on a farm in the mountains. A very remote place. So remote with very few neighbors that everyone was completely honest with each other. Otherwise you would be sort of outcastes. Only saw that once, he cheated someone on a handshake deal the result being no one would do business with him again. Later when I went away to university I was shocked to learn not everyone was honest. Does this sound familiar to you?
So I am willing to see how it goes knowing you on a site like this. It's up to you but I am offering. Hate to see you go knowing how you feel.

Sounds fair....

I only befriend those who can keep a conversation and are not just "collectors" as you call them, just so they can brag how many friends they have. Perhaps that's what they do

Jeez....if you ever meet someone who has to brag about the number of their friends I'd race you to the delete button! :D

I have read a bunch of your entries. Actually im a lil jealous of this charles guy ashe. Wtf. J/k

Right on!!!

makes sense

Very nice chica.