I Have Been Backpacking Scents I Was 16 Years Old

i started backpacking when i was 16 i have hiked and backpacked in almost every state in the usa
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it's too difficult to read the stuff you post. I have been backpacking "sents" I was 16 years old? That's not even a word


I'd love to go backpacking :] Just dont know where to start....trying to go for a month this summer

depends on where you live theirs a lot of trails to hike ,,,

It is alot of fun !

16 wow. I love hiking and backpacking and I mostly did it during my time i lived in California. I also took my nephews to Yosemite and to the Big Basin redwoods to share the joy. I wish i could do the same for my kid but now I am on the other side of the country and on flat terrain.

I hiked my tiny legs off as a child; there was no money from anywhere, so I could afford at least this. It soon became the greatest pleasure to me and carried on into early marriage. The plan was to wait until the children grew up a bit, and then we would take them camping and hiking, but (sometimes) all best laid plans fail to come to fruition. Through disibility, my wife's health deteriorated badly and sadly it never did happen for me.<br />
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It's hard to find time to do this myself and it's equally hard when I am the full-time caregiver. But I do still have those early memories and I can see that you planned very much in the same way we did and I am *very* pleased for you that things went your way. There's *nothing* like being outdoors, hiking, camping and with Mother Nature herself; I know how much you appreciate this and it's wonderful to read how happy it makes you in being able to continue.<br />
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yes i really have. i plan on returning ti the a.t. some time soon i love to hike slowed way down when we had kids but now there all grown so its back on the trails right now its weekends