Shocking Glory Hole Experience

Okay, when I was younger and horner I wanted to lost my virginity any way possible even if it meant using a glory hole at a known "hot spot" which is a park down the street from my home. It was a public bathroom like so many camping/park places have with a hole between the walls of the women/men's rooms, I checked to see someone was sitting on the toilet, there was some writing on the wall which was basically "******* for 5". Fishing out some a few ones and slipping it through the woman on the side stuck her mouth against the wall, she had on some unusual lipstick on, it was a bright green. Horny and excited I just slipped my little mic into the hole and enjoyed the situation, it left a ring of green around my hilt. Once done I walked out of the bathroom, rubbered leg from the experience and sat down a few minutes at a park bench near by when I noticed my mom exiting from the bathroom, I was stunned then sickened a bit and waited to see if anyone else was in there. After a while I actually snuck in there, no one else was in there, and when I got home my mom had on the same shade of lipstick.

Since that time I had never gone looking for sex unless I can see who it, clearly.
rainkaimaramon rainkaimaramon
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 18, 2011