A Friend In Passing

I would like to thank all of you for keeping my friend and her children in your prayers and thoughts, it is with great sadness to tell you that she passed on. I am also greatful that she went peacefully while she slept. What she left behid was somthing truly remarkible and special. While she was getting her treatment, we used to speak in which helped her so she wouldn't have an reaction to her treatment. All the while she was getting this, she was more concerned about how I was doing and not mention or say how she felt. I knew she was seriousley ill and it was only a matter of time.

So this morning I was told that she finally fell asleep for the last time last night and that her family was around her. I will forever nmiss her dearly and love her for eternity.

 what she made possible is the wonderful friends she made and I have come to be aquainted with them, they are truly sepcial people and I am again greatful that they are mine as well. She left me this gift to me so that I would have somting in comon with these new and wonderful people.

                                                                           I am forever indebted to you my loved one


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6 Responses May 25, 2010

thank you snow it was very sweet of you to say

A beautiful tribute :)

Keep remembering her boys, they will need all the prayers and spritual support. I kow that they will be told about how wonderful of a mom she was. She always put her boys first like any mum should.<br />
again thank you for the outpoor of support, it is greatley appreciated

I am so very sorry about your friend. Know your picture brought her comfort, your words a smile. She went with all those she loved with her or around her. Now she is at peace, but remember not truly gone. Whenever you feel a breeze or smell a scent you haven't you'll know it is her looking out for you. *hugs*

I am going to ask all of you to keep her children in your thoghts and the people who are there family who are now in there care. One in particualr is a wonderful friend who has taken upon herself the responsibiulities of carring and raising htese great children, thanks again for your comments

I had given a note to her friend to show to this passing friend and it read, when you finally close your eyes, the next time thwy open you will see that you have come home, no more pain, no suffering and no more sorrows. I also said to that I will be alright and that its ok to sleep now. I will one day meet you in the hall of souls, look for me there