Divided We Will Fail And Fall

Today, the President anounced that he supports gay marriage. He also said that he feels that the states should decide on the laws, which makes sense.

I think that durring the anouncement, he should have also stated that this is an equal rights issue. Having said that, I think that government shouldn't involve themselves with what goes on behind cosed doors. its a personal matter that hasn't had any bearing on the economy or how we live. And thats it, why worry about what other people are doing when we should worry about what were doing?

This country has become so polarized and devided and its not because people have just turned there backs on man kind.

Politics have done that for us. They have become so devided that a millionare has made it so that both parties are being thrown out. Do we really want to go back to imperialism? Isn't that the reason why we broke away from England?

People talk about revoltions like it was something good. Lives were lost in ways that would boggle te mind. it happened durring the civil war. Do we want to be so devided to the point of a second civil war? Thats what this millionare wants. Were all humans and Americans. Lets start acting like one and set by example.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Does anyon realize that states such as the Carolinas have reworded the constitution that blocks rights? I don't think that our for fathers had any ideas that state legislation can destroy it by taking rights way rather than enhancing it.

I agree......The government has ruined a lot of things.......Like it's supposed to be "By the people, For the people..." and we're so far from that......Americans as a whole, have become so blind they can't even see it.......We have become a mass of sheep being led around by a wolf disguised as a shepherd not realizing we each have a voice and don't have to be led around......We can stand up and be heard......Unfortunately, a lot of people are too comfortable and lazy to stand up for anything.......This nation was built "under God" and everyone seems to be forgetting that part.......I don't think anyone even knows what the Constitution says anymore and that is very very sad......