The drama is the least of what I wanted and it was the basic food in a meal of words from a former college football player. The actual history of events can lead to a union or a war. What? Not all relationships between a man and woman are romantic.

My weapons of peace are the "mature" defense mechanisms. It's a war in me to keep those old loving feelings from getting hopeful. It's just a treatment and not a cure.

Yet, the better one is at being mature, the less we can relate to those that are still using "immature" defense mechanism.

That's where the doubt comes. Should you grow to your own ideal or should you relax and accept the diversity of injustices felt by the heart. Is the drama worth the loss of dignity and integrity? We may never know.
WarmGoldenHeart WarmGoldenHeart
36-40, F
Oct 9, 2014