Having my animals is the only thing that has always helped me.. They kept me from committing suicide when i was a Teenager, were there when i was sad and crying.. They just love you, no matter what.. I could never live without an animal by my side.. I would happily loose a human over it..
I have lost many animals in my life and i felt like my heart has been torn apart by each and every death.. There a some, i call them my soul-animals i lost long ago but still miss them.. One was a budgie, called Mayday.. She died when she was nine years old, her heart was too week.. I still cry when i look at her pictures.. The other one was my first animal i ever had, an Old English Sheepdog named Bobby.. That was when i was still in my old family.. I was two or three years old.. Bobby defended me against the cruelties of my father.. He would bite everyone except me.. He was taken to an animal shelter when we had to move.. Whenever i see a dog like him, i say, look, there is a Bobby.. Then there was Luna.. MY cat.. She just appeared in our cellar one day with her brother and they were our cats from this day on.. They absolutely loved me and i loved them.. I had a special sound to call them and wherever they were in the garden, they came running.. Elbeo disappeared one day, he was just gone.. But Luna stayed.. She was afraid of most people but i was able to carry her around and she was always there to listen to my worries.. In 2009, she must have been 12 years old by then, she was gone from one day to another.. Just like her brother so many years before.. Not knowing what happened to her is the worst thing.. I miss her so much..
I miss all of them so much.. :(
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"...happily loose a human over it..." -(keeping eye on you). :P
this is a great story.. lets discuss offline.
animals are an anchor!!!

anchor for keeping us grounded i mean.