1. I believe in God.
2. I'm a natural red head.
3. A James Bond fan.
4. Horror movies are cool.
5. I am real here and in person.
6. I am kind, not stupid.
7. Love cooking and baking.
8. No one leaves our house without a full belly :-)
9. Manners are awesome!
10. Respect is awesome!
11. I come from a military upbringing.
12. One can live a positive life with a positive mind.
13. Hard work does not hurt anyone.
14. Coffee is amazing! So is chocolate! :-)
15. I love to laugh.
16. I love making others smile :-)
17. Actions speak louder than words.
18. I love the sound of wind chimes and wind in the trees.
19. I love music!!!!
20. The simplest things in life make me happy.
21. Nature brings out the best in me.
22. Everyone has a beauty in them.(whether they see it or not).
23. I can get along with anyone who doesn't cause trouble.
24. Drug and alcohol free
25. I stand by my morals and values.
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6 Responses Feb 8, 2014

Wow it must be destiny because I can share the same of almost everything on this list except I'm a redhead by coloring my hair. Nice list. I love Janes Bond. I don't drink. We share a lot in common. The only one I can't relate to is 11. And this isn't any kind of pitch. Don't even know if your male or female yet. I'm just on here to make friends. I've been happily married now for 26 years.

I am female and wonderful for you that you have been married for 26 years! Wow, this is quite an accomplishment. :-)

I like most from the 15 onwards they are beautiful. You will live a rich life.

There is absolutely nothing in this list not to like. So, after reading number 8.....when do I get invited to dinner? :)

How very kind of you to say....anytime for dinner :-)

Delicious....oh, and coffeeeeeeeeeee.....yum...........

Me too w/ the exceptions of liking horror films, not a brought up in a military family nor am I a natural red head, but I have red hair.

Great list.

Excellent descriptions ! Rare find ! God bless

Thank you mike, I appreciate this :-)