My interests are music, travel, photography, cinema and a lot more
I've done a lot of traveling and seen a lot of places. Very much into rock, folk and blues music and play a mean blues harp and played with a few bands
I'm passionate about photography and worked professionally for a number of magazines, mostly working with musiciand doing press photos.
What am I doing on EP? Well I have to admit something. I've been single for a bit too long and up to now haven't really been looking. I'm not sure if this is the best place to meet someone but then, why not?
I'm not into hanging around in bars and I'm useless at chat up lines. It seems to be easier to express oneself online these days since.
As you can see from my choice of songs I'm a hopeless romantic
OldhippieUk OldhippieUk
56-60, M
Feb 4, 2014