I Am.

."Crazy makes no apologies for residing within me. We are at peace together and are satisfied in our measure of balance."

"Make some room inside because I' am here for the duration". " Normal,...you gotta go."

Crazy said to me..

.O, or was it I that murmured this? Oh yeah, how could I forget, we are one in the same so what's the difference anyway. I am a little bit crazy. Thought I would state the obvious just in case you missed it the first time. Crazy keeps me from going completely insane and becoming a total and absolute ******* ******* of a douchebag. It's not all that bad. Simply put, don't **** with crazy and crazy will leave you be.......... wait, that sounds boarder line logical and wreaks of dare I say it? I do.. common sense. I think differently, I act differently, and don't look now, but I'm pretty sure i walk differently too..While on foot, I hall *** everywhere I go just as fast as I can because I can't escape this stench of your normal drone-dumbness soon enough...... and I can tell you just exactly how many steps it would take for you to get to me, from wherever you may stand. one step forward and one step back. That means just stay right the **** where you are and let me go about my bussines,you go about yours and we're cool. Let's not judge each other together, what say you?

Crazy has a funny way...... Crazy knows crazy...knows crazy.

I do not care what ignorant self righteous people think of me and I utterly disregard the stupid douchebag opinions that come attached to them. I never cared much for quick to judje douchebag toating flippants anyway. I would rather keep still company with a sack of nuts.

Why would I want to ponder the idea of being deemed "normal"..?? That has got to be the saddest **** I have ever heard, I think I'll keep crazy.

Normal.... Seriously?...to be just exactly like everyone else as closely as possible so you fit in...Excuse me, let me introduce you all to my crazy.. I am not like you nor will I ever be, why would I want to be a second hand you when I am already a perfect version of me? Keep your silly scripted little life and your silly little wife and your silly little 2.5 kids and go be normal in someone elses space and quit shoving your ideas and your beliefs in my face, concern yourself not with the goings on in my head. I do not recall subscribing to your opinion.. Call me crazy because I choose to be me in all of my wide open ways.

Call me crazy because you don't understand me and It scares you. Call me crazy because it makes you feel closer to your normal. Call me crazy because I am. I do not mind. Just don"t call me to tell me that i need to mow my grass according to the HOA. Cause i will tell you WTF you can do with your rules and where they really need to go which is directly UYA.

I don"t wanna play your silly little games. I have my own mission. Is that so crazy? Just let people be! Especially me.

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2 Responses Dec 8, 2010

Science has'nt still learnt us if the crazyness was or was not the sublime of the intelligence !<br />
Great post :)

Thank you, Truth usually doesn't have the opportunity to be as accepted as a well told lie. No one cares for the uncomfortableness that it brings in the wake behind it.