Shame On Me? 1

Why shouldn't I say that? Why in the hell should I...I of all people ever feel ashamed or embarrased for ANY FEELING I HAVE THAT I CHOOSE TO SHARE.or for anything i may feel? THIS IS ME..Take it or leave it this is who I cracker jack prize at the bottom of this box. Maybe you put shame on me because perhaps that is how YOU Deal with the uncomfortableness of my truth?How does what I say make you feel .. I suspected so... KNOW THAT YOU CAN AVERT YOUR EYES AND EARS stupid soulsucking creton...Yeah you! if you feel it i am talking to need a friend to chastize with truth.. where was I? Oh do not have to listen or begin to even try to ponder these words i say..they are meant for ME. they are meant for my sence of satisfaction for MY heart. that is me. Last time I checked AIR WAS STILL FREE Even if your judjing clammered down soul is not. will judge me...some are right now...peace be with you cause you're too cold to even realize that you are killing your own soul..
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aww, thank you mewold.... I write for us all I will be the man up front in Black (Hello, I'm Johnny Cash)

I wish I could write like you. I feel like you.

The thing the hurts me is not the thing that hurts you nor him or his bride or their little childern. My pain allows my soul to know that I am love as my giver intended it to be. Love exists only after the deepest pain is recognised as the most sorrowful soul is always the most loving soul as well for they know a need for compassion and understanding, so to share is not only a natural urge within us all, it is expected.