Shame On You 2

You may think me a fool and might even pitty me need..because I know that I can look in the mirror everyday and know who I am looking at and will always know my self and know that i will always be free from the constraints of this man made world and of this man made worlds societys realities and still i will know that the reflection that looks back at me holds my respect for always being true. I do not ask... Love and respect is earned and freely givin and judjement is reserved.. we are all loved by at least one if not more. And you can bet your *** that I will not be the one to judje you but you're personal redeemer will when it's time to cash in. kind. cause To bid no one ill will or LASTING harm.. yes i said lasting cause we all need our *** kicked every now and then...we need rememberance folks. I pay for my sins daily and I redeem myself but I wait to be judjed by the one who owns my soul and not some dumb schmuk that doesn't like **** off then you're cramping my view..
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You could give 3 and a half ***** iffin ya unt ta, I was jsut answering the question. But that would make you a man with much **** to give and I don't know if I'm quite comfortable with that whole idea

Hell, child, sometimes I give two ***** about things.

I would have to say not. You would be lacking in the department of giving a ****.

When I look in the mirror, on those rare occasions when my sweet wife gets me to shave, I like the guy I see looking back at me. Otherwise, could I like anyone or anything?

Hi love, I really do feel I understand where you're coming from. We are all children playing in the back yard when society calls us in for supper. Some of us don't go and live to write about it. <br />
<br />
your sister sue

Let go of excuses and wisdom becomes your friend. I hope to be a companion for a great long while.