So recently, I've been eating more and doing less activities . Ok so I've been practically stuffing myself. I didn't realize that it was taking its toll (we don't own a scale) until I had to try on shorts for my family's annual Christmas vacation and about a quarter of my shorts don't fit anymore. The rest all give me a bit of a muffin top. Technically, my bmi is still at "heathy weight" because I was rather skinny before, but I'm definitely at the top of the category. Don't call me crazy, but I kinda like the chub. I mean, sure I don't really like how it looks, but I love food, and I like the way it's starting to jiggle. I'd given up McDonalds three years ago, but this fall my family started having it more, and it progressively morphed into part of my daily life. I used to excuse myself early from dinner, but now I've been eating just a little less than the rest of my family. It also feels so...warm when I'm full. I feel like I'm happier than I've ever been. My Dad recently made a comment on how I've been "eating well". This probably started sometime in summer and I've gone from a mostly flat stomach to a baby muffin top. I'm really nervous to what people will say if I start gaining weight though. Should I lost this weight, or gain more and enjoy it?
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4 Responses Dec 25, 2013

Gain more and enjoy it I was once really skinny and loved to gain weight. Who cares what ppl say

Whatever makes you happy!

i say just do what makes u happy and if that's gaining more go for it, plus i happen to think chubby girls are actually really attractive

How weird is this thought?