Slicing And Slicing

let me see the blood gushing down,from his neck
i love to drink the blood,
the power,i devour
let me see the face of death
so beautiful,peacefull
like a lucid dream
blood vessell popiing sEAMS
i keep slicing,

THE POWer he gives me
whilr he is powerless
the life he gives me
while his dead
the sweet dreams he gives me
while a nightmare hell stay in
theres nuthing better than a slice of the neck
dripping wet
dripping wet
hes a corpse awful smell
on his pain dwell
flies surronding the flood
a pool of blood
makes me feel so hyper
so for dinner,
im gonna slice and slice
all thru the night
shayeshaye shayeshaye
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 6, 2012

if it made more sence,,,id like it more =)