A Bitter Aggression

Not too many people care to listen to me. I'm a respectful man, who is caring, and always willing to help people, but lately have become an *******, and short tempered with many people; loved ones, and strangers. Most of my friends are selfish, and always seem annoyed when I talk about myself (I don't talk about myself in a conceited way, just trying to fill people in who I think care to listen)...almost like they always want the limelight, always wanting to talk about themselves, their problems, and never giving someone else the opportunity to talk without a change of subject. I feel like I've never connected with a human being, and I know I don't relate to 90% of the modern human way. I'm primitive. I dress in an outdated fashion, like I came from a period that nobody ever thinks about. I like clothing from the 1920s and 30s, try to have old fashion mannerisms, watch old films day and night, and just simply trying to connect myself with a more respectable time. Today's time is very unappetizing to me. Everyone is rash, and always in a hurry. You walk up and try to be nice to a stranger, and they awkwardly gaze up at you, cautious and a bit frightened that you might clock them and steal their purse or wallet or something. Everyone is tight shouldered, and consumed in whatever they are doing, so absorbed and oblivious to other peoples feelings, or safety. People are good, for the most part, but I feel finding an actual genuine person is like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles. Anyways, I could ramble forever I imagine, I know I can't get it all out in a single bound, but I gave it a try.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Speak for yourself. The times were harsh, yes, but more suitable for my liking. I hate this technology craze. Everyone is zoned in on their high tech contraptions; cell phones, tablets, and other bs...sometimes it's like they don't actually live or pay attention to the beauty and their surroundings. I'd like to live in a time where nobody has the slightest idea what a cell phone is or any other tech thingy. Population was less back then, and towns weren't as aggressively crowded as they are now (although with time, overpopulation becomes inevitable). ALSO, people took pride in making things. I have many antique tools that are over 100 years old and still function like new. Things made today are basically designed to break within months...thus conveniently making a chain reaction for capitalists to boost and thrive off of imported junk made in China or something to that affect. Sure, the idea back in the day was to make money off of their productions, but at least they made them well enough to last a lifetime. The other day I walked into a dollar store and saw an American flag with a made in china tag on the side. Are we that pride-less as to not make our own flags? Doesn't that **** anyone else off? Not all things are bad about modern day 2012, I'll say, but It's sometimes hard to find a lot of good. I'm thankful for my family, my friends, and my home. That's about it...and time wouldn't make a difference to me, as long as I have them.