A Bitter An Sad But True Story Of Bullying Nurse.............

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Logan hospital Brisbane Queensland: the place to die without care.

Here we go again. One great story about a bullying nurse who turned my stay in this hospital at the emergency department into hell. I was bullied, disrespected in my most vulnerable time of my life so far. When I lodged a complaint the matter was investigated with a great negligence and documents from my medical record were re fabricated. How do I know? There is nothing there about any other medical observations just my apparently aggressive behaviour even after I fell asleep. How would you be. Sleeping and being aggressive at the same time. Woohoo I am a superwoman to manage that!! Did not know this about myself. At least with this information the nurses admitted that I have not been given the medications I was suppose to get as there is no mentioning in the chart. Well another point. I had to fight for receiving my medical records as somehow a co-patient's ID was included in my record .(????? don't ask me how this is possible). Anyhow eventually I did get it and guess what they released a name of one of the nurses who fabricated some of those lies as she was not even my nurse. OOPS. That is how you could call it. Well great opportunity for me to follow up by name all those false causations of being sick, sleeping and aggressive at the same time, also following up the negligence of care not providing my medication. Thanks -Right for information department- for this mistake lovely help. Love negligence in this case.

Follow up;
Yes it is a quite early follow up of events as finally after few weeks the requested information started to come in. The great negligence of the staff at the information right department actually released both names of the nurses I was after. Why I call it negligence???? Here is the short story: I was ringing up from Peter to Paul to find out who were the two nurses mainly the one attending nurse who was cruel, rude a big bully and serious power tripper in this hospital. I just felt I should have the right to follow it up if I would feel the need. NO ONE was willing to help me. It took 25 days to receive the medical information because all the private information had to be removed and co-patient's ID as I mentioned before. It was nicely done LOL. Both nurses names were exactly where I expected them to be. Great negligence again. Which in this case I am great full for it. Thank you Logan hospital admin for not knowing what are you actually doing. ;)

The worth hospital follow up 1, 2 and 3
Yes following up again, as it looks to be new development. I have received the form from the Health quality and complaints commission. I was much encouraged by these people to do so as they believe what I was saying, that the hospital itself followed it up with great negligence. I was reading through the service charter-summary which says: Everyone has the right for: polite professional safe and respectful high quality care my dignity should be taken in consideration including cultural background I have the right to be informed and participate in every aspect of treatment, service and care including decision making I have the right to privacy and confidentiality and a right to express concerns and address them This a commitment of the Australian government to the international agreements about human rights which recognizes everyone's right to have the highest possible standard of physical and mental health care. Well none of this happened. So yes I am taking it further and making this complaint to the Health quality and complaints commission. Let's see what happens next. So far I have not received any explanation from the Logan Hospital liaison officer. They are taking their time, but I have time too. I have a whole one year to follow up this until the dead line.

This is the second week since I have been told that I will receive a correspondence be accurate a letter from the liaison officer. I have spoken to three of them and all three said the same thing. "Oh it will be send in the tomorrow mail" . Now this is going on for two weeks now. Makes me wonder when the actual time will come. Never seen a more slack, disgusting and non caring environment with so many un-professionals working together. The management must really suck at this place.There is chaos everywhere, rudeness most of the time towards patients. To be in the emergency department and not to see a doctor for 3-4 days at all ??? How bad is that.

To have BSL (diabetic sugar) reading 25 and no one cares, no one calls a doctor, diabetic nurse ??? I asked several times (as I know that my former diabetic nurse is a diabetic nurse practitioner at this place) to see her. Well no one let her know, and no one came to increase or monitor my insulin, as mentioned no doctor attended to me...... It is a WHO CARES hospital, leave as soon as you can or just die and we will take you out. This way there is no financial punishment for the emergency department for low turn-over in human meat. (this is exactly how they made me feel) Very ironic. I asked a few people I know who are nurses elsewhere and and they confirmed, that themselves or they relatives will never end up in this hospital for any treatment.

Shame, shame shame, the only hospital for Logan Baudesert area. Read some feedback about the infection rate there and some news paper clips about the hygiene in this hospital well....... no wonder people are getting more sick there then anywhere else by my opinion.

Yes the letter finally arrived. I was not surprised by this one at all and worked me up really just a little. What worked me up a lot was that when I wanted to follow it up the liaison officer hang up on me completely ignoring my new complaint. So I rang up again and warned her about me recording this call and of course 180 degree turn. Suddenly there was an interest to take this complaint. So lets see what eventually happened here: The official letter says that: -The head nurse in charge gave orders to nurse Amanda to pack my gears and discharge me from the hospital based on that I left the unit (means the emergency unit). Well as a voluntary patient I had the right to move around or leave the building. -They rang my family because I had a cannula in my arm. Not true the cannula was removed in the morning.And during the phone call has never been mentioned to my family. -I was aggressive during the stay (that one shift). Why it has not been followed up by security, why I have not been reviewed or sedated in this case. -My BSL reading(sugar reading as a diabetic)was over 20-25 that day. But I was discharge without any attendance of a doctor in this case and without reassessment of my health (in my night gown without personal things or money).
Well this part was the most caring one. There would be more questions but... They will be taken further: Queensland Health quality and complaint commission will be next step. There will be a lot of follow up on this one I believe. :o)
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I had a similar incident here in the states, but it was nothing near that bad. I had a nurse that was "stealing" my pain med when it was due, yet she was writing it on my chart that she gave it to me. Luckily I had someone who was with me the whole week, and the only time I didn't receive my pain pill was when that one ***** was working. after the second night of being in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs, we started writing down which meds were given, the time, and who the nurse was. We also included me asking "Is that my pain pill"? and her saying "No, it's not time for yours yet", and I told her I knew damn well it was because I hadn't had one in almost 14 hours and was supposed to have them every 4-6 hours. That meant that if I asked for it and told them I was in pain, I should have received it at the 4 hour mark, (which I did every 4 hrs) if I didn't ask, I got it every 6 hours. Well, on the fifth day I was there, (yes I suffered), I called the nurses station at 5 am that morning and I asked to speak to the head nurse, which knew me, and I knew her, because I had been in many times with pneumonia. I had a witness and when she checked the written information that I wrote down, against my chart, it did in fact prove that the reason she was in there was so the other nurses would assume she gave me that pain pill. I showed that she was a lying , stealing, conniving ***** and she was fired. Do you know what bothers me? I think of all of the patients that she stole from, and they suffered, because she was either an addict, or selling them. That was when I was on the Darvocet N/100 (the liver killers) and even though I look back now and I realize that the pain I have now is 100 x worse than it was then, but at the time it was very painful because it was when the constant pain had just started about six months before that. <br />
I had thought of something that might help you. Do what they do in the US, take it to the media...A talk show, a late night show, etc.....That will get you a settlement offer at the very least....

Thanks, so I am not alone with this kind of experience. It is very unfortunate. I hope U are over it by now. Mine is very fresh and still eating me up. xox

Oh that was long ago. What I am trying to tell you is to go to the media or a talk show.

terrible! I am a nurse and can testify to what your talking about. I almost lost my rn license do to an addicted nurse. Terrible! Sorry to hear this happened to you and this lovely lady that suffered at the hand of a very unprofessional nurse. I would ask to speak to a patients advocate and write to the hospital administration with a letter from my lawyer for retribution and neglect while recieving care under this person's shift. Yes, and would have no problem telling them the circumstances of what happened and the written proof you have and a witness too. That person should not be in the nursing profession. She shouldn't be caring for anything, not even a house-plant!

thank U for your sympathy unfortunately U are right<br />
it does happen a lot here Australian health is going down the drain