Blonde Baby!!!!!

gotta love it right?
because of the stereotype of blondes being giggly, funny and having no inibitions we make ourselves like that!!!!!!!!!!
people expect us to be the confident ones.
the strong ones.
the crazy ones.
flirty. funny.
lock me up and throw away the key!
im blonde!!! and proud!! wots not to be??
im not dumb. im not bad at sports.
because i was born with red hair i think that i got some of that
in my blood to becasue i am nutty and crazy and all blonde and red.
then im leo too! hahaah what a combo?
i think most of us (not all though!)
will mould ourselves to the stereotypes or completely fight them.
im alot blonde but then the stereotype of us being idiot and slutty is so off!!!
i love being blonde!!! it rocks!!! whos with me???
fridaygurl fridaygurl
18-21, F
Jan 3, 2013