1 + 1 Equals Fire!

  A crisp moonlit winter night~  The snap and crackling of a huge bonfire racing, and exuding it's heat outward.   The  warmth in a woman's eyes, as you approach her, take her...........and dance for hours.    The power!  Driven deep with each wisp of her hair as you nuzzle, her head so sublime as it rests on my chest.    The quietness, and yet the pounding of heart beats that quicken.   Sigh's that serenade, lips that lasso;  grab the reins and never let go.   The power of a bonfire and the moon.

The red amber glow, as cuddling begins.    finger combing tresses, soft comely caresses.    Igniting the night, full of delight.

  1 + 1 equals FIRE!  
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1 Response Feb 10, 2012

I loved this. It's made me think of a holiday I had with my Husband before we had kids, we went to Yorkshire around bonfire night, he's very careful with money doesn't spend unless he has to, so on bonfire night, (Nov 5th) rather than pay, we walked up a hill to look down over a pub beer garden where they were having a firework display, we were away from the smoke, had no crowds to do battle with and still had an excellent view but privacy to enjoy a heated kiss and a cuddle with the fireworks going off in the background. love how good poetry can make you feel. Another for the book I think :o)

OOH that sounds delicious the way you celebrated bonfire night. I will take that recommendation and add it to the book