A Book That Heals

This book, Broken People, was written by Scott Hildreth. He is anorexic, has PTSD, and has attempted suicide.

The book, probably because of his experiences, is unlike anything you'll ever read.

It is an Amazon ebook. You can read it on any electronic device.

No matter what you do, no matter what your disorder, read it. Until you do, you really have no complaint about wishing you were better. This book is amazing.

PTSD, OCB, OCD, Suicide, ED's, Parents, divorce, relationships, love, it's all discussed. It's all gone over in detail. All in a story that's fiction and so....so real.

Try it....gawd, try it.

TheFatKid1234 TheFatKid1234
22-25, M
Aug 14, 2013