I was invited to a pool party when I was 12 years old. It was a all girls party but I was the only boy invited. I got the invitation and on it it said, " wear your cutest one piece swimsuit and bring your cutest towel." Also on it is said, " bring a your cutest dress or cutest outfit because we are have a fashion show."

I didn't know what to do. So I decide to go. I wear my swimsuit and put my towel. I also brought a change of clothes. When I got there they said, " let's go up stairs." I went upstairs to her room. She told me to put all of my clothes on her bed. Then she said, "go though my swimsuits and find a swimsuit you like." I said, "why. " She said, "on the card it said what to wear." I said, "that I didn't have a girls one piece swimsuit." So she said, "just go though my dresser and find the cutest one piece swimsuit that you like. " I said, " did you get your swimsuit that you want to wear." She said, " yes." She left to go outside to go in the pool. I was the only one in the house. I tried on all of the swimsuits that I liked and thought were the cutest. I finally found one that fit good. It was really cute to me. It had pink, black, purple, and white on it. I like it a lot. She came back up and said, " did you find on that you like." I said, "yes." She said, "let me see it." I showed her it. She said, "it was really cute for me to wear." I went to the bathroom and put it on. Then I came out and she gave me a towel.

The two of us went outside and went in the pool. All of her friends were there. They all loved the swimsuit I was wearing. We were all in the pool for like two hours. Then we got out and ate. We had pizza and chips.

The she said, " it is time for the fashion show." All of the girls and me went upstairs. I forgot about the fashion show. So she told me, " go in my closet and find something you like." I went in her closet and look at her clothes. I liked a lot of things she had. I finally picked a pink long dress she had. She said, "I could wear it." I was really happy in till she said, " that I had to wear everything they are wearing. I had to find a bra, panties, high heels and then they had to do my make up. They also gave me a wig. They curled the hair on the wig and said, " you are all done." I still had to fined shoes. The good thing was that we had the same size foot. I found a pair the was just right. It had a 2 in. heel. They helped me get the dress on. Then I was all ready. It was weird and hard to walk in the high heels.

Her mom, her sister, and her sisters friend were the judges. They had a stage and all. All of us walked out and her dad said all of are names. My name is Brenden but we made it Brenda. There was 10 of us. Then when they were done say all of. They told us all of the parts that are in it. Their were four categories. 1. Best looking dress. 2. Favorite thing to do. 3. Acting. 4 closing.

I was the third one in line. For the first category best looking dress I got a 8,9, and 8. The seconded category was favorite thing to do. I had to make things up. I said, " I love shopping." I had to name the stores I love to shop at so I said, " Forever 21, American Eagle, Victoria Secret, Macy's, and Target. I was voted seconded in category number two. Then the third category was acting so I sang a song. I got a 6,7, and 8. The final category was the final one when they pick the winner. I got 2nd place. For the show. I was really happy. I had a fun time doing the fashion show.

Then all of us went back upstairs and we all got changed. Then we changed back into are bathing suits and we went swimming for a hour. Then it was time to go. All of them left but me. It was like 5:00 so Zooey and me had something to eat. Then we went up to her room. She said, " that I was really good acting like a girl. Then she said, " you can keep everything you were wearing today because it looked like you had a good time wear girls clothes." I was really happy when she said that. Since it was just me and her we got change ,and she gave me some cloths to wear. Then she said, " do you want to see what it is like to be a girl." I said, "sure." So her mom took the two of us to the mall. We went to Forever 21, American Eagle, Victoria Secret, and Macy's. We tried on what ever we wanted to try on. It was really fun. The cool thing was going to Victoria Secret because it was really cool seeing all this girls in the bras and underwear. We had to go to the bathroom but I forget that I was a girl so I almost went in the boys bathroom. I went in the girls bathroom it was really cool in the. It was all pretty there was a bathroom maid and she helped you if you needed help with your hair or make up. It was really fun.

We left and her mom took us back to her house it was like 8:00. When we got there. I didn't live far away so I could just walk home. We went up to her room and we talked and then I got my stuff. I started to walk home but I forgot I was a girl. The good thing was that my parents weren't home and that I am a only child. I got home and I went up to my bedroom and I have a whole in my closet that I put all of the stuff I got a the mall. The next day my parents got home. My mom was cleaning my room and ashes found all of the stuff in my closet. So she called Zoeys mom and ask her why I had all of the girls clothes in my closet. She told her. So when I got home my mom made me dress like a girl in till summer break ended. I liked it a lot. We went places. Got are nails done. I also had party's with Zoey and her friends.

At the end of the summer my moms said I could stop wear all of the girls clothes.

I hope you like it and there will be a part 2 coming soon. It will be about school.
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Very sweet story. I'd love to hear more. :)

Lucky you. I wish i had a freind like that

Sounds so fun to me, love it

This sounds so fake. Not a true story.

It is real.

Trust me, it most certainly isn't. I have read many stories on here and other websites, and I assure you that I can tell that this one is fake.

how do you know it is Fake?
I also have read many stories and usually there are few clues that make it seem unlegit?

Very nice story sweetie,, Love Diane xxxooo

I'm afraid to wear a girls swimsuit in to the community pool. i don't know how u did it but could u give me any advice? and Congratulations... :)

Congratulations on your 2 nd place finish. Seems you had fun with Zooey swimming and at the mall.

Interesting my 2 sisters dressed me up in girls clothing from 8 years old,iI wore dresses, mary-janes, which I love still today, my sister had me wear, blouses skirts, 2 peice girl swim outfit at the beach.
I love dresses to my ankles , skirts just above my knee frilly blouses. Girl panties I just love them frilly kind too,