just started today, will see what happens.
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Almost a year. I'd love to know what you're taking and how much affect they've had.

My dear,
I truly don't wish to be a "nay sayer", BUT one has to be careful with taking these things.
One thing to consider is that the FDA does not regulate what goes into those bottles of "herbal supplements" --- anything could be in there! I was taking an herb and my blood tests suddenly showed some elevated levels dealing with my kidneys. When I stopped taking the herbal supplement, the readings went back to normal - never told my Dr. about this.
I have a good TG friend who was using a "black market" hormone patch, on her own. Well, she developed a brain tumor which the Dr. told her that the only reason for this kind of tumor was from hormone therapy. When is fine, but almost died!
I STRONGLY SUGGEST that if you do something like this, and who doesn't want big boobs, you do it under a Doctor's watchful eye. Don't fool around with the chemical makeup in your body on your own!
Thanks for reading this and stay safe and healthy!
Naked Sissy Stephie

at almost 6 weeks, i have very girlish nipples, and beginnings of obvious change

that is gr8 news dear wtg

What are you taking.
Would love to know so I can try some. I hope it works for you.
I want to grow mine I only want a had full b or c cup always dream of have breasts and a cleavage.
So jealous of females for having breasts and no thing dangling down there.

I am curious what herbs are you taking and have you heard about others having success?

Hope they work out well for you. What size are you going for ?

a small 'b' would be nice.

Hope it happens for you and you are happy with them !

Keep us informed on your progress.

Let us know about your progress.

ME too but I am no longer a man.

You go girl