I have been taking them and using cream for 3 weeks. They are definitely growing. My friend is thrilled. My wife is unsure, but wow does she like playing with them!
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yummy yummy

I am just starting on phytoestrogens from Vitamin Shoppe. The female there was awesome, when i told her my breasts had started growing about 6 months before. The nipples both itched and i paid no attention. I always had pecs, but thisvwas dufferent muscle is inder new breats tissue. When i wear light summer shirt they are really noticeable. I like them and want them to be female sized so i can wear cute and sexy bras. On my way to transgender life.

What herbs do you take

What are you taking ?

As long as she likes playing with them, I'm sure they'll grow on her.

What herbs and cream do you take