i have lost the two guys i ever cared for my hart is in bits i just about give up .
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Be STRONG Brother, I am ready to listen if you need to vent your feelings. I have been in that valley myself, I'll help you through!!

I'm sorry :'(

That is so sad im so sorry man, Just know that everyone goes thru a loss. Hope everything is ok now!!

I'm so sorry man. Hang in there. Talk to whomever you trust. This is not the end. There will be better tomorrows. I was about ready to end my life due to injury, pain and well just saddness. It took a while but I out of the darkness. Please hang on and get better. I'll listen if you need an arm to lean on.

you are a real strong man who cares for lots of people here, so if there is anything that hurts you, just open a count on all of us and we will make things OK with each other, we all owe you lots of things.

You are right dude. But it's hard for us to be faced up with this. He is a great person. And also a great swimmer and athlete. But this thing,just Non of us thought that way. About the sickness and just, just it socks😔

What sickness are you talking about??

who u talking about

i know

Sometimes the hand gets hurt by throns before it reaches the flower.
So do not stop by those who hurt you, there are flowers out there.

i love u too and i wont leave u earthier

aww you are so kind heartd my boy thank you


Same here buddy, it so hard :(

yes pal it is very hard