You and me have been feeling gloomy lately. So here's my wish for you. I am sending you a big bucket of Sunbeams. You would be seated outside. Suddenly music would begin to play and the Sunbeams would begin to dance about you. They would whirl and spin and spread warmth and joy all about. You would smile and giggle and begin to feel better. I can see it all so vividly...splashes of every color of the rainbow washing over you. Cascades of glimmering color, glittering and carrying you away on a a bright cloud of happiness. The gloom vanishes. Oh if wishes come true~ this is my wish for you. Be happy and bright. 3/ 25/15 mini
minimeowz minimeowz
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5 Responses Mar 26, 2015

Woo hoo! Cascades of glimmering color. This is so fabulous, miniminiminiminiiniminimniini! Thanks for the visualization!

Bless your sweet, awesome heart! You are so darling, mini. Much love...

Thank you....Right back at you Mini!

What a lovely wish!

ahhhhh- such warmth! What a "feel good" wish! It's so bright I need my sunglasses! (And please don't forget the sunscreen)
Love this wish, Mini! Taste the rainbow!