How Much Do Americans Know About Canada?

Over the years I have been shocked by just how little Americans know about Canada. Not everyone mind you but a large percentage of the people. We share the longest unprotected border in the world. We are the both each other’s largest trading partners (still more than China). I have had some people from the US ask how many people live in igloos, like it was common place. Many think the entire country is a frozen tundra (yes some of it is but not all). In the winter much of the US (and Canada for that matter) fighting freezing temperature and snow storms, while where I live in Canada I can go outside in short sleeve shirts and shorts. Canadians are generally very knowledgeable about the United States but it does not go both ways.
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Two things that blow my mind that america dosnt know about.

Bagged milk, and tim hortans.

Emphasis on the timmys, my city has the highest concentration of them in the country.

oh I don't know...

I'm Canadian and I see what you're saying, but I thought I knew plenty about "them" until I lived with them for over a decade... then you really see what things are like...

so I see pre-concieved notion on both parts... it's interesting.