How Much Do Americans Know About Canada?

Over the years I have been shocked by just how little Americans know about Canada. Not everyone mind you but a large percentage of the people. We share the longest unprotected border in the world. We are the both each other’s largest trading partners (still more than China). I have had some people from the US ask how many people live in igloos, like it was common place. Many think the entire country is a frozen tundra (yes some of it is but not all). In the winter much of the US (and Canada for that matter) fighting freezing temperature and snow storms, while where I live in Canada I can go outside in short sleeve shirts and shorts. Canadians are generally very knowledgeable about the United States but it does not go both ways.
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1 Response Feb 27, 2011

Two things that blow my mind that america dosnt know about.<br />
Bagged milk, and tim hortans.<br />
Emphasis on the timmys, my city has the highest concentration of them in the country.