A Cancer Survoir

this time I write to tell you my cancer is in remission agaiun,for those that havent read my first letter,almost 2years ago I was dying of cancer,doctors told my wife,I might not make it thru the night.
The doctors did a byopsy of my lung an ran all kinds of tests,from blood to scanc exrays etc.
they told us I had small cell lung cancer which is hard to fight,because it moves very fast in the body,
doctors put a shunt in my one lung to help my breath,then put me on very strong of cemo treatnent and radion treatments,
18 mouths later still alive,had to go in for a follow up,bad news,the cancer was back an had moved....
so doctors gave me another 10 treatments of radion.this time the cance is back in remission,now understand my personal doctor gave me four months to live,i made it past 18 months an am still here fighting
My last check up has me in remission but the doctors what to give me 10 treatments of radion to the brain,saying people like myself
that has severvide like I have an had the cancer move,run a risk of the cancer moving to the brain,whick probly kill me
I think the wherst part was the mask that they made,,,the start with a hot plastic smelly mess,they place this overyour face
then it shrinks to fit the face,the purpiose of the mask is to pertect the eyes,mouth an certin parts of the brain
Now the reason for protecting part of the brain from radion ,is the treatment in its self causes you to loose short time memery
but they dont wabnt you to loose all of your memory,like walking talking,breathing etc..
Well this starts next week,an I have to amit I am alittle worried..I will keep you friends info,thats for reading
charliedavis charliedavis
51-55, M
Jan 28, 2012