Im Ready

I am soooo ready to just bust out with something exciting . Just go for the gold and even if I have to do it alone I need to just go for something n get rid of the blahs!!!
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36-40, F
1 Response Nov 24, 2013

Have you got a plan or is this just an urge? You may be capable of much more than you ever imagined!

Well I work at a grocery store bit also have the option to either expand on my mary kay business or my thirty one business (which is purses and totes ext) but now that I think on it some the mary kay is pulling at my heart to do more with my business. It is a wonderful company to be a part if and all the other consultants and directors i have met so far are wonderful and treat you like family. I just need to go for for it and give it my all. What have I got to lose/gain.

Not so much of a plan but I really should sit down and map something out and stick to it.