I come from a very traditional Catholic background. Today, I am very religious in my Catholic beliefs, faith, and practice. This includes not taking any form of birth control to stop any pregnancy of mine. I am a white female age33 married to a Catholic black male age 29. I am pregnant again and this time I am expecting twins in two weeks; on January 19, 2014. I am hoping to be blessed physically in having lots of children and hope the Pope will be proud of me for multiplying of children into my blended families. These twins be babies numbers 6 and 7. I hope to have many more babies over the next 15 years or so. I have thinking and praying about being a female surrogate for couples who are childless too. I have talked it over with my husband is in complete agreement with me and would support me in this decision, if I chose to do so.
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its socially irresponsible to have a huge family,especially in an over populated world+the pope+catholic church bears a large amount of responsibility for this

I'm exactly the same as you,my husband is also black & we're both catholics,We don't believe in contraception & take our faith seriously,we have 3 kids & are trying for a fourth.if more come along after that i can only see it as a blessing. good luck with the twins.x