The Veil. By Monicamas. A Caulbearers True Feelings

The veil was there at the beginning;
For a long time I didn't know it's meaning.
A life of pain and endless turmoil;
Everything around me starts to uncoil.
An open mind allowing whispered voices;
Unable to fight the stronger forces.
Misunderstood,mistreated,drownig in sorrow;
Wondering what will happen tomorrow.
Chosen; gifted is what I am told;
Why do I feel as if I'm bought and sold.
Love and forgiveness along with truth comes from me;
The things I know ;no one around me can see.
Cause and Effect is the price I pay;
Such a heavy burden to bare everyday.
I thought I was alone but now I see;
There are others out there just like me.
At an early age I was given a sign;
Seeing loved ones pass before their time.
We need a heavenly light to see through the surface;
We are few with a wonderful purpose.
I wonder what the message is that I must send;
Could it be that with love and forgiveness the tresspass will end.
46-50, F
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Beautiful just beautiful