How I Found the Chinese Teaching Online ?

Certificated teacher on the Myngle-----huge language marke of the world

I am Mr Yin from China . I am a Chinese teacher .I had been on ebay for looking for store which I can sell my lessons to students all around the world. and I also found many other online teaching websites,but I failed to find even a ideal for me. Maybe I can't judge them simply and disrespect all their hard working .Everyone is special .I think they are not as professional as I expected until The Myngle is shining as a new star.
Maybe I am too arrogant even I did nothing myself on the field. but I want to say I really find I love teaching and I am gifted to teach Chinese since I've been teaching Chinese both at my local city and online via Myngle .I wish I can teach more students and let the world know there is a fascinating language and to teach them the mysterious characters implied specific Chinese meaning .
Why are I interested in teaching language ? My parents moved from shanghai to my current city before I was born. when I was a kids I used to speak shanghai dialect at home and changsha dialect with local people ,I was taught the standard mandarin in school. I began to learn English unwillingly when I was in middle school student .I hated it because of the poor teaching method at that age. I only learnt a little bit until I went to high school. Fortunately I picked up my desire after I was honorable awarded a champion in a English competition. Later on my English learning experience helps me understand more barriers on the process of language that I can adjust my teaching methods according to students personalities during the teaching. More I am teaching students successfully, more I challenge my self to teach enthusiastically. I think I am not only teaching language and also teaching one of eastern cultures.
Myngle is a new and the kind of professional language market as I am looking forward to .as long as the Olympic games is sponsored in China in the August ,more and foreigners are eager to know China specially. The Myngle is a bridge on the right time to meet the needs effectively between students all around and Chinese .as china is developing in the proceed of participating the world family. Chinese is becoming more important tool as one of main language in the world. I hope the Myngle will play more important role in the language market of the world and be well-known by language learner soon.

Mr Yin

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1 Response Nov 5, 2008

Thats cool. I would love to learn chinese. how much are your lessons?