Change is good, and It's good that that change is good! (Since change is also inevitable.)

Whether we change our minds..our hearts, or just our shoes we continue to change each and every day.  
Do not fear change.  Change the way you fear!  Love your fear, and speak to it, let it know you love it and it won't love you back.  Say or shout if you want.. I LOVE THE FEAR whenever you're afraid.  I don't know why this works, but it does!  Remember that change does not have to 'happen' to us, it's not always forced. More often than not, we can control the change.  Also Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and each day is a gift.  If you find a change you are not satisfied with..perhaps there's something you could change to change it!  
Climb out of that box...
Screw practicality...
Figure out what makes you happy & go get it!
(speaking of change)  Don't save your pennies for a rainy them for a coat and umbrella instead!  xoxo
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except who I am. Reforming my

Change is part of learning and growing. It is nothing to fear. Just work with it and guide it along. Everyday can be a new experience.

That's great that you feel that way :)

Personally I don't like change but I have a reason the only change I get is forced and it's always life altering stuff (and not the good kind) when change comes my way it's always horrible :/

Change can not be so wide, but if you're at the beginning of your life or change when and how and to whom ? i can change my clothes but i can't change my heart ....change Way of thinking but no change my mind

What changes have you made recently?

Quite a few.. about 6 months ago I began reading more and watching tv less (okay not at all and no movies either) ..began painting &dancing well as taking pictures ..creating digital art & writing more. All inspired by my healthy, more active lifestyle which included giving up the following: Red meat, pork, dairy, alcohol, soda/high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors/ sweeteners/flavors, fried foods, processed foods, hydrogenated oils..and anything high in sodium or cholesterol. I've lost a lot of weight..and continue to shrink even though I've stopped counting calories. It's fun! Since I switched to whole grains, raw fruits/veggies.. salt free nuts and protein supplements.. I'm finding that I get/need to eat more than I ever did. The small and frequent meals keep my metabolism going strong with mind and body following suit!

Great! I started some of the dietary changes you mentioned few years back. I tell you they really make a difference to how you look and feel.
I imagine you must be looking and feeling your best now than ever before. Would you post some recent pics of your heavenly legs?

yes we can change kinds of food .....

Yes, change is often needed to survive and move on. :) survive & THRIVE, to move on and MOVE UP.. to live your BEST LIFE.. and never look back with regret. :)

Exactly! :D

Awesome attitude girl! Ever tried rock climbing? lol

Haven't tried rock climbing yet. Hmm... now I'm wondering..... are there any specical shoes required? ? If so, I'm in!

Actually there are and the play a very important role!