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This year in school I was asked to do a report on something life cultural. Something that we have lived with all our lives. Such as Foods that a family always makes by tradition, or things that a family has done for genaration. Well that one thing in my life that I have known and is different about my family is that I have a Gay father. After my topic was ok by my teacher I set of to find more kids like me. Other families that I could look at to see if life was any different for them. And what I have found bothered me. I grew up with a loving family. My mother and father were together for 12 years. And 3 beautiful children. ANd yes my father came out when I was young. And although it was new to us at the time, it didnt change how much we loved out father and wanted to be around him.

Now back to the things I have found online about what people think about Gay parentng. And you know most reports state that the child are not affected. But then there are some that say that the kids are more likely to become gay if they have gay parents. Come on are you serious. If the Gay parent has a Gay child the parent didnt have anything to do with the that, The only thing that happened there is that the parents didnt judge their child when we struggled to come out to the world. and in my mind that is a God send. There are thousand teens today that have known they are gay for years and have not been able to come out to their parents because their parents will disown them and i am not talking about what teens just think there parents will do, these are kids that their parents have made comment to kill them if they came out or kick them out of the house. Or the parents that try to send their kids away to so called "fix" their gay teen. 

But that is not the whole point here. What I am trying to get at is that all these reports I am reading are not asking us. Us as in the children of these wonderful gay parents. No one asked me if my dad was a good dad. No one asked me if I was treated right...... And you know what I was, I was loved, and cared for. I was taught that everyone is a person and God told us to Love everyone. I was taught about God and his love for all his creatations. I was taught about how God send his son to die on the cross for me.  My father made sure to make sure I went to school. and Got a job when I wanted to buy things because it was important for me to learn to manage money and have responsabilty. He taught me that school is important. Him and is partner showed me that love can last and that Gay people dont just have sex and run. Now there are some that do. I am not blind to the reality of what some Gay people do. But I am also not biased Straight people do the same thing and are just as quick to sleep with someone and walk away with no strings.

I just wish people would stop telling me about my life when they didnt live it and they dont know.

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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

love seeing your point of view. As a gay parent of a wonderful little baby boy, I hope I do my job right and teach him the kind of understanding you have.

That's great that you did your report on gay parents, and it’s not often you see a child willing to stand up and be heard when it comes to gay parents and I totally agree with you that all the people of write the reports you read about how having a gay parents gives a better chance for their children to be gay as well, and even if that was true why would it matter, gay straight bisexual a person is a person and if they can live there life happy, as long as your parents love you care about you take care of you then why should anyone else care about their sexuality, I bet your father is really proud of you and how you had your say