My Daughter

i have a beautiful 28 year old daughter and two 18 year old daughter hasnt spoken to me in two years.since the death of her son my grandson whom was 6 years old.he was born sick and suffered his whole life.i also have a 2 and a half year old grandson that im not allowed to see.i dont know what happened,she was planning her wedding and told my son that i invited myself and she didnt want me there so i tried to talk to her but she told me to figure it out myself.....she said some awful things and spread lies like wildflowers.i think she is ashamed of me because i am poor and i dont drive a nice car or live in a beautiful home...but im content and take good care of  my boys.....she married into an upperty family...good for them and has acted like im nobody every since.cant get her to talk to me ....she hates me and has told me so.i never knew we had problems until the wedding.we never fought or argued we talked for hours everyday on the phone and not once did i get that she doesnt care for me as i so sad and so hurt and so confused.not only am i greiving the loss of my grandson im greiving over my daughter and other so depressed and crushed.

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I am so sorry, for somepeople a death changes them I pray one day your daughter will wake up and open her eyes to the mother that loves her

times are changing. people are dealing with multiple problems. some of these problems are gigantic. many times you see one face of a person but do not see the other faces, the times when she is not in front of you. does somebody stalk her or bother her, how do you know she is happpy and trouble free. I am being stalked and tortured. but my mother want me to take care of her even now. every time I meet my mother she telll stories of her marital problems, i mean she talks about the fights between she and my father. she doesnot care that I have not got married. she does not want me to get married. she just wants me to be present in their house all the time. but she makes fun of me behind my back.