From My Hole In The World

i'm glad i remember the separate water fountains, the pride of being called a negress/negro and organizations where we strove to my life better for ourselves as a proud, self-reliant community. blacks today make me ill. they can live relatively where they like, and these characters think they've arrived. they think they can say and do as whites (they neglect to realize that we don't make as much money and are expected to do 150% to be 100% for whites).

i don't care for marxist ideology because the masses never to anything for themselves. the "chosen" leaders end up doing for themselves and other party members. aside from the Russians (peasants and kulaks), most impoverished and ignorant people are satisfied with their station. "communism" in Russia, PRC, etc., is just another version of capitalism.

thanks for letting me be here. it's nice being with others of like mind.
renascencewoman renascencewoman
Mar 16, 2012