Another One Bites

I wrote a similar story on another thread, but I want to encourage those who have been bullied to continue to deluge the internet with their stories, anonymously or otherwise.

I hear so many people dismiss the verbal and psychological abuse as "not so bad", or shrug their shoulders saying "we all go through it". Well, I will go to my grave vehemently arguing that lazy cliche.

I have been through *all* forms of the abuse, psychological manipulation, sexual harassment, physical damage, getting stuff stolen and damaged, getting punched, hit, kicked, hair pulled, heavy objects thrown at me, people choke holding me, but guess which triggers the most anger in me when the subject is at hand?

You guessed it.

The psychological bs-ing and manipulation and name calling, the people pretending to be friends long enough to have enough ammo to use on me. I even changed my first and second legal names, and happily took on my husband's name. None of the names I was born with are there anymore. Those affected me the longest and the most. Those are the things which still rudely haunt my dreams. It ****** me off, because well, couldn't I dream about any of the good stuff that's happened to me the last 20 years? No, the bs rudely takes over.

My childhood rights as a young HUMAN BEING were stolen from me. I too, like one of the other posters here, am alien among my adult peers when it comes to discussing those years. I chose to never graduate, dropped out of school the second I realized it was legal to do so, so thankfully I am on NO graduation reunion lists. My peers are all giddy with delight over reuniting with their friends for their 25th-30th year reunion.

Children, if you are being bullied and are reading this, have your parents take a good hard look at many of the adults who have written here. Have them read every word of the anecdotes they have read. Inform them that this is only a small fragment of what happened to the authors. HAVE THEM SEE that to this very day, decades later, there are still post-traumatic remnants which rear their ugly heads in what should be a good adulthood.

Adults, if you are reading this, please please, listen to your child. 30 years from now, do you want them to have horrified recollections of their past or nostalgic ones. Do you want them to spend days vomiting before they have to register their own children for school, or do you want them to be confident? The time is now to "spoil" (eyeroll) them with the tools they will need to be confident adults.

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1 Response Mar 20, 2011

it is abuse just becasue it is being done by a child make it no less abuse it hurts hiw we feel about our self<br />
<br />
i was there as a child till i learned to fight back i never started the fightbut i also never an again when attacked and they soon leanred to leave me and my friends alone or pay a high price