Ed And Tommy

Maybe these two boys hated their names so much that they were just filled with rage and contempt towards the world that they needed to "bully" my sister and I. I mean, their names were Edwin and Tommy. Not Tom, not Tomas or Thomas, Tommy. Poor guys.

They were quite a few years older than us, three I believe, and started bullying us when we started school. I was mute then, so they thought I was some freak. They often made comments about me ******* my sister, which confused her but pissed me off.

As we got older, their bullying upgraded from verbal to physical, even sexual with my sister. They'd feel her up while twisting my arms behind my back until I cried out. I felt sorry for them, really. Something must've been wrong if they were doing these things to little kids. The thought never stopped me from fighting, though. I racked up impressive dentist bills for them.

They always insisted on bothering us, every chance they got, and it always ended with somebody hurt and crying... Usually them. I didn't cry. And, I could usually scare them off fast by attacking as soon as a comment was made. I took off a fair piece of one of their ears.

They still left us with some good wounds, though. They stopped messing with us after my first coma.. I guess they felt bad.
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Jun 29, 2011