Bring The Rain

At my young age (14) I used to (and still do at times) get bullied alot in school and sometimes in public places. When the bullying started I was moving to a new elementary school (from a pre-k school) nearly everyone called me names and 2 girls thought I was among the unpopular people at the time. When i was in 1st grade the bullying continued one day I was in class crying the teacher asked me what was wrong and I said 2 girls are bullying me )1 of the girls was in my class) She denied it of course. Then later on that day she had to stay in the classroom during recess (Someone told the teacher what happened) and the teacher called her mom and she had to write sentences. Then one of her friends became one of my best friends after what I has been through.

Through 1st-5th grade it wasn't as bad It got a whole lot worse when I entered Middle School. In 6th grade in science class one of my own friends punched me in the jaw after he punched me in the jaw I kicked his chair then 4 days later i was called into the office and my mom made me file a report. 7th grade was extremely overwhelming my father wasn't there when I needed him during this time. During my 7th grade year nearly all of the guys started to call me Ugly And Worthless. That year i was placed on "Suicide Watch" at school. On Saturday of that week i went into Church and My mom set up a meeting with the pastor for me during confessions after that meeting it helped me embrace my faith even more.

8th grade is currently a tough year on me nearly every guy in the school thinks i'm ugly, worthless and not good enough. It is hard on me to not take those things to heart but sometimes it feels like a huge boulder on my shoulders. Through the times I was bullied it damaged my confidence, trust, self worth, and my self esteem.

Since i didn't have a dad around as much growing up and when i need him the most. One of the pastors at my church has been like a father figure to me.

The upside of it all is i realized that we are beautiful and sacred in our Lords eyes. The words of a bully can't knock you down you are better than the bully you are stronger than you know.

NOTE: If you or someone you know is threatening to commit suicide please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline-  1-800-273-TALK

Remember- God Loves You And Every Single Human Being On This Earth

NOTE: May Bring Tears To Your Eyes I'm not looking for sympathy here i want to help those who are going through the same things i went through and currently through.

God Bless!!


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Stay strong God bless. People do care out there.

I'm glad that you found God through all that. God is our strentgth when we are weak.God loves you and all his children very much that Jesus actually died for us so that we can have a better life and someday go to heaven.. Well God bless you my friend!! Keep the faith and God will see you through!!!