If It Wasn't For My Sister I Wouldn't Be Around Right Now.

It all started in the 3rd grade.I had the same classmates until 6th grade when things really got out of control.I was called everything from smelly to the devil.I remember one time during a party,one of my classmates crumbled cake all over my head.We had yearbooks and for reasons that I'll never know, everyone had blacked out my face.I would constantly ask myself why me?What did I do,that would get the entire class against me.Ok I admit that I wasn't the most pretty.Or up on the latest fashions.But my parents had a big family to support,They weren't going to buy me shoes if I didn't need them.But my parents didn't believe me when I told them what was happening.Everything changed when my sister saw first hand the hell they put me thorough.She told them that if she ever hears about any of them bullying me again,they have todeal with her.She stopped the bullying before it got any worse and before I did anything that I would,ve regretted later.
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You are very fortunate. My sister was the reason I was bullied. She was five years older and couldn't stand the fact that I had taken her place as an only child. She couldn't understand that my parents had tried and tried through several miscarriages. So when i arrived it was the same type of bullying deal: using me as a doll or an experiment one moment and then setting me up for punishment the next. I was a constant source of ridicule. I was five years younger, so she would always get me through my gullibility. I grew so used to being an emotional punching bag that it continued into my schooling, since I could remember. Nobody stopped it, and teachers would even join in, if it made them popular with their classes. I grew up in a small, miserable, ditch-pig California town and to this day every single person who put me through hell for my entire childhood doesn't have the decency to acknowledge what they did. I live in Canada now. My sister, predictably, has broken off all contact with me.

that was good you had someone on your side. my brother was on my side while in school..he's 6yrs older then me but my brother would give them that look and he told them once, stop picking on my little sister. they knew my brother wasn't playing and that he was a fighter

Yes they are, me and her are pretty darn close :)

Aren't sissy's The Best! ? Yep!