What Do I Do?

I was bullied for 13 years by the entire school, I had literally no friends. I now have serious psychological problems because of this. I have for now escaped my bullies but I will never escape the health problems that they have given me & the horrors of my memories.

This school year is ending, only about a month & a half left. Most of the bullies are still at school & bullying still goes on to people at that school. I am about to go to college & I will never see these people again. I have made a bullying talk to speak about it. It's not about revenge, no mentioning names, just telling about the effect bullying has. I want to speak to everyone, let them know why I have my health problems & what's going on.

Due to my health & the psychological scars, I can no longer go to school. The school doesn't want me to give my talk, considering half of their staff would cover up for the bullies or help them bully me. I am fighting for my talk but it's up to me.

Should I give my talk?

People at that school say 'there's no bullying here'. Friends have left the school because of the bullying problems. No one from the school has EVER spoken out! they've had speakers, but no one from the school. This is my last chance, I'll never be able to gather them all together again. This is my last chance for closure.

Should this happen? This would speak out for bullied children everywhere.

Also, visit my story 'Step Up'  & take a look at the group that it's under please if you are for anti-bullying
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4 Responses Mar 12, 2012

Speak out! By doing so, you will be helping so many other kids at your school and around the world that are too scared or terrified to. By doing so you will give them hope and inspiration to do the same. You could and will save lives by speaking out. It takes a lot of courage to do that, and if you have that courage then by all means, say what you will. It's your turn to do the talking and have the upper hand. Don't listen to what other people say if it's negative or if they're attempting to lead you in the wrong direction. Follow your instinct and save this poor world from bullying.

God, yes please tell them what's going on, because if you don't the bullies will have gotten away with it and it'll leave danger for the others. I was bullied ALL of my life, the teachers, principle nor the police did anything. The bullies had lied, the whole class had lied and everyone has gotten away with it. Please try your best to get your voice heard.

You should do it. People don't like to recognise problems until they trully have to. I was bullied at my school and i wish i had the courage to speak up. You could help many people who like me could never find ther own voice and talk. You have my support!

I think that you should give your talk. People at school, especially the staff, tend to not want to believe that there is bullying going on at the school. But it is, in fact, quite real, and should not be ignored. Your talk would be enlightening for many, and empowering for you. Especially if it comes from someone who as actually experienced it.<br />
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If they really won't let you give your talk at the school, then do it somewhere else. I'm sure that if you worked on it, you could join or put together an anti-bullying group and be heard. Visit different schools and give your talk there instead. Ask a local newspaper for an interview.