Why Me/!

when i was just a little girl i was bullied. it happened so many times and for so many years that i just had to learn to accept it. in first grade the whole class used to beat me up. punches, kicks, pulling my hair, cutting on my shirt and the teacher would just sit there and watch. in second grade i was beat up for telling that kids were hurting me. in got worst in the fourth grade kids started beating me up in the bathroom and i kept getting suspended for trying to defend my self. the lunch room was horrible people would surround me and make fun of me. then in six grade three eighth graders joined in tormenting me. my so called bestfriend was also helping the bullies. she later revealed that she was never my friend and couldn't believe i was so pathetic. i would come home from school and pretend to be okay because my family knew about it but wasn't going to do anything. teachers ignored my sitution and would laugh along with the kids at some of there snide comments. i would get tripped in the hallway and have people sneer at me when i passed by. even the kids in younger grades seemed to sense that i wasn't liked. i used to hide in the bathroom during lunch and cry. it was just too much. eventually i started to get quieter and quieter until people no longer noticed me. now i am in high school and people who used to bully me try to be my friend. i can't deal with this. my sister sees me as weak for what happened and says i brought it on myself. my school life was horrible and my home life was horrible. sometimes i just wanted to die. i even made plans afew times but never went through with them. i have flash backs of what happened even now and just thinking about it makes me cry. god i am pathetic.
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18-21, F
May 15, 2012