High School is Heaven for those who are Popular and a Living Nightmare For those Who Are Not

We all saw the description on the back of that GTA IV cover. "New York City is a heaven for those who have money and status and a living nightmare for those who don't." Same is true for middle school and high school. This story will basically prove how sick teenagers can be and how worse bullying has gotten. Yes, I'm so popular so I get to just pick on people. Makes you think why the United States has such as high rate of deaths and suicides right? More people die in the United States from suicide than Afghanistan, let alone sicknesses and plagues. It's not getting any better. Because for one, American (and Filipino) teenagers are probably some of the most spoiled people on Earth who do not recieve any proper discipline, now the Filipino story is another story. What I'm trying to get across is simply how middle school and high school are a complete enjoyment for those who have a high status and a living nightmare for those who don't. I specifically adressing the "insults" side of this. Okay, so before people suffered bullying problems due to insults and harsh jokes. If you were a good joker then you were set. Today, that means nothing anymore. The validity and authenticity of jokes and insults mean nothing anymore. However it is the "who" that matters these days, who says stuff. A popular kid can say something that incredibly makes no sense, the class room can laugh because it's the best and funniest thing they've heard in their whole lives. Then take an average or even a "random" kid that nobody knows, or likes (this is unfortunate these types of people exist, hated for no reason by everyone), to say the same thing or even something better and it's complete gibberish with everyone else. I'm a person who likes to mimic foreign accents (just for the fun of it, not because I'm racist). I've had my cousins told me I'm good at it, I've had people on Xbox LIVE mistake me to be Russian, British, Indian and all that. It is because I am interested in linguistics and understand how accents work. But I'm one of the unfortunate people. The "awe" on Xbox LIVE isn't the same in school. I love doing it, of course my friends find it nice. But the majority of the idiots around me just see as "stupid". We have a popular class clown in her class (he is actually funny though, but he sounded really stupid. He tried faking to speak Japanese and sounded nothing like it), then a group of girls laugh their ***** off and actually tell him, "You're the best at it!" Listen, not that I think I'm better than anyone else but that just hurts. To literally call me "stupid" and appreciate someone else because of their statuses. Same goes for insults and jokes. A person of a high status can simply say "Yo mama", anyone else can say it and it's complete gibberish. Unfortunately, it's beyond my control. Also not to mention that when the "average" fights back, then he's seen as the bully then the real bully and his puppets get the administrators. A lot of times, the victims are the ones doing the time while these rich and cocky jocks get everything they don't deserve, like the ***** who actually salivate and look up to them as gods or something. When I read about karma, sometimes when I hear about prestigious high school and college atheletes dying in car crashes, I'm thinkking, "That person must have picked on a very poor victim. What goes around comes around." I could be wrong. A lot of people wonder why many young Americans suffer alcohol and smoking problems. The writing is on the wall, the victims are not only getting bullied, but now they pay the price, their sanity that they resort to alcohol and abuse. Half of the time, it's the dumbass administrators' faults for taking the high-status's side. Dear Lord, it's a sick world I live in. I'm just glad I go to a school where they do take bullying seriously and they don't take sides. I've turned in 8 people (that's a lot for 8 months of school). Sure the principal talked to them, but this isn't going to stop sometimes the trauma that eats people up as a result, and the rest of the hundreds of other cocky teenagers who go the school. It's like, hey, 8 down and 145-some to go.
SmalltheDurian SmalltheDurian
May 18, 2012